General Information

All manuscripts must be sent through the send article tab connecting to the Open Journals Systems (OJS). You need to be signed up to be able to do this.

If you have a username and password

If you need a username and password

Signing up is essential in order to be able to send articles as well as to check on their progress.


Publication frequency

The journal comes out twice a year. Issues will coincide with the first week of January and July each year, to maximise the visibility of published articles.



Texts can be submitted in Spanish and English. All work must have a title, summary and keywords in Spanish and English.


Access policy

All the contents published by the journal are of open access to encourage the dissemination and visibility of the articles so that scientific knowledge is shared with all researchers, moving away from potential mercantilism as far as possible.


Article review process


All articles received are subject to a double-blind anonymous review by external editors who are experts in the topic or field of the article. To protect this anonymity, the name and affiliation of the authors will appear solely on the first page. The authors will ensure that the text does not contain any clues or suggestions which would allow them to be identified.

The review procedure is performed through OJS, thus ensuring an automatic and electronic record of each and every sequence generated.

Following the receipt of the manuscript, the system will produce an acknowledgement of the work for the lead author, sending back an offer of acceptance or rejection within four months. Final acceptance will depend on the improvements or modifications to the work that the consultants or editing board proposes for the author.



If an article is accepted for publication, the rights to print and reproduce in any way or form will belong to the Health and Addictions/Salud y Drogas journal, which will not reject any reasonable request by the authors to obtain the permission to reproduce their contributions.


Authors’ commitment

Sending an article to the journal implicitly means that the signatory authors commit to the following:

  • The first signatory of the article represents the other authors.
  • The article has not been published either partially or entirely in any other publication.
  • The article has not been sent to any other journal.


Instructions to Authors

Prior to submission read the following guidelines:

  1. The journal Health and Addictions/Salud y Drogas will accept papers of an empirical nature with methodological rigor and papers of a theoretical or review nature, which are related to the general objectives of the journal. For quality criteria, review articles will be published up to 25% of the total number of articles in each issue. It is strongly recommended that review articles be systematic, following the PRISMA protocol.
  2. Only unpublished articles will be published, not those that have been published in whole or in part, nor those that are in the process of publication.
  3. Research articles will consist of the characteristic headings of scientific research.
  4. Review articles shall consist of a) Introduction b) Development of the topic c) Discussion and Conclusions d) References.
  5. Papers will have a maximum length of 30 pages, including figures and tables, and will be submitted following the journal's template. In addition, together with the text of the article, the authors' data sheet must also be attached to the platform. Both templates can be downloaded from the journal's website.
  6. Language: Works in Spanish and English will be accepted.
  7. For the preparation of manuscripts, the APA 7th Edition publication guidelines should be followed. Some of the most significant changes are:
    • It is not necessary to indicate geographically the publisher in book references.
    • It is not necessary to indicate "retrieved from" in web references.
    • DOIs must include the URL
    • Authors should not be omitted in references with ellipses until they reach 20 authors
    • In-text citations in references with more than three authors can be shortened to the first author and "et al." added.
  8. The number of Tables and Figures should not exceed 5.
  9. At the time of manuscript submission, authors will propose 2 reviewers for consideration, based on their suitability to the subject matter of the article, including the full name and e-mail of the proposed reviewers on the first page of the manuscript.
  10. The author who uploads the manuscript to the OJS system must include, in addition to the contact e-mails and affiliation of the other authors, the corresponding ORCID of all the signatories of the article, filling in the user in the web system.
  11. Manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by independent experts using the double-blind method. Authors will avoid that the text contains keys or suggestions that identify them.
  12. Upon receipt of the manuscript, the system will acknowledge receipt of the work to the first author, sending a response of acceptance or rejection within a maximum period of 6 months. Eventually the definitive acceptance could depend on improvements or modifications of the work that the consultants or the editorial board propose to the author.
  13. The review process will be carried out through the OJS platform. Updates to the manuscript will be informed through the platform, as well as the actions required to continue with the process. The deadline for modifications requested by the reviewers or any request by the editorial team is 15 days. If the authors require more time, they must communicate and justify it in due time and form. Communications with the authors that are not attended or responded to within the established deadlines will result in the withdrawal of the article from the review process.
  14. If a paper is accepted for publication, the printing and reproduction rights by any form and means become the property of the journal Health and Addictions/Salud y Drogas, which will not refuse any reasonable request by the authors to obtain permission to reproduce their contributions.
  15. The opinions expressed in the articles are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not compromise the scientific opinion and policy of the journal. The activities described in the published papers will be in accordance with the generally accepted criteria of ethics, both with regard to animal and human experimentation, as well as with regard to professional deontology.


To continue with the editorial process, you must review/complete the metadata of the article with the data of all the authors of the article in the journal's system. The ORCID of each person (author and co-authors) should be included, as well as name, surname, email, institution and country.

The name, surname, institution and email of at least two researchers, specialists in their field of study, with whom there is no conflict of interest, should also be included.


  • Structure both the summary and the abstract in Introduction, Objectives, Results and Conclusions.
  • Use periods instead of commas for numerical figures (i.e. 4.3 instead of 4.3).
  • Unify the number of decimal places in the text and tables.
  • Use of "&" instead of "and" in references, both throughout the text of the manuscript and in the reference section (i.e. Díaz & Ramírez instead of Díaz y Ramírez).
  • Review the use of localisms.
  • Tables and Figures throughout the text should be named with the first letter capitalized (i.e. Table 1 instead of table 1).                
  • To exemplify in the text, use the abbreviation e.g. (equivalent to "for example").
  • For clarification in the text, use the abbreviation i.e. (equivalent to "i.e.", "that is").